Saturday, January 7, 2017

Youth Hunt Day


Oh wait, I'm not Robin Williams, and this isn't Vietnam.  It's South Carolina and it's 4AM and I am awake!  WHY OH WHY?  Actually I've been awake since about 3AM.  Why?  I guess I'm excited for my son this morning.

LJ in August on his first hunt.
Today is "Youth Hunt Day" so daddy is taking little man hunting one more time. This will likely be the most horrible hunting day weather wise of his short hunting career.  It is cold outside. It is raining, bordering on sleet. Quite frankly I think this is the coldest day of the hunting season so far with rain to boot.   It is quite miserable for a southern boy to be in the woods today.  But maybe, just maybe my boy will bag his first deer!  He's so excited.  I know this because at no other time in history has my 10 year old gotten up at 4am to do ANYTHING.  Not even Christmas!!!  Certainly not willingly. And he is wide awake to boot!  You know, the wide awake that makes a kid slap happy.

We dressed him in quite a few layers of clothes.  I won't go into his antics with his "long underwear" last night except to say the moon over South Carolina was on full last night. Gloves, hat, sweatshirt, long underwear, feet warmers, boots, and of course, hunter orange.  Our boy is ready.

So with a warm heart I bid my husband and son goodbye for the morning and am snuggling up in the bed with the dogs by my side hoping to go back to sleep.  Good luck to my hunting men!
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