Thursday, January 28, 2016

Change is Inevitable

Oh how I hate that saying. Change is inevitable.  But think about it, our whole lives focus around change.  We grow, we change, we grow some more and change some more. I'm not the same lady I was 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago.

This week our community has been faced with a change.  To most, this wouldn't be a blip on the radar but for about 600+ swimmers and their families this is huge.  We have two swim teams in our local area (out of about 6 teams) that are merging to become one large swim team led by an amazing coach who has a resume a mile long.  An accomplished coach who has coached at the highest levels...coming to US!!!!  This is an excellent opportunity for these children to be stretched, challenged and to grow.  It is CHANGE.

What are the true marks of a champion? 

Well champions must grow.  Champions must stretch themselves.  They must challenge themselves.  They must strengthen themselves. They must practice. They must have a good attitude.  None of these things come about by staying stagnant.  None of these things come about without CHANGE.

My son is 9.  His current swim team is his second swim team change in his life.  He swam for a sweet coach for 2 years who we love dearly but it wasn't working for us. He needed more instruction, a more stable facility so therefore we made a change. We moved him to a different program.  It wasn't easy for him because like all of us, he doesn't like change. But he has been under a program that he has done well under. We have amazing coaches, an amazing "family" feel and a TEAM.  Now we are merging with a larger team and becoming what some are saying will be a powerhouse in the state.  This can be good.  Do we like the smaller team concept?  Yes.  But that's not the hand we've been given. The hand we've been given is this merger of two teams under a great coach.  We must embrace that change and move along.

Parents, your kids are watching you.  They mimic what we do, say and how we act.

If we act like cry babies, they will be cry babies. If we put on our game face and face this challenge head on like adults then they will embrace the change also.  Will it be hard?  Sure. Maybe.  Maybe not!  I think that all depends on how us adults react!!!  There are a lot of people who don't want this change.  But it's coming whether we want it or not. We have two choices. Embrace the change or quit.

I'm not a quitter.  And I won't allow my child to be a quitter either. We are embracing this opportunity that we are given and moving forward with a smile on our face.  There may be some tough days ahead but I'm confident that this whole "change" is a good thing. 

Growth. You cannot grow without change.

As Christians we are constantly being stretched, molded and growing.  Changing.  Trying to become more like the One who died for us. 

Imagine if you will a baby.  A baby is small and cannot do much on their own. They are challenged every minute to learn new things and adapt to new change.  If we all ended up hating change so much our lives would never grow.  We wouldn't move forward.  We can't go forward while looking back or crying about the past.  Embrace the change, challenge ourselves and make this a good thing because honestly, change is happening and we might as well try to make the best of it and embrace it vice fighting it and acting like crybabies.

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