Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Does it REALLY matter?

Does it REALLY matter?

That is a question that I sometimes have to ask myself when I begin to get upset by something.

A lot of times we, as humans get upset about things that really, in the long run, DO NOT MATTER.

For example, does it really matter that I put the clothes away for my husband?  NO.  Does this help him?  Probably!  Should I get upset that he is there sitting on the couch while I'm folding clothes (right next to him)?  I really shouldn't. He works just as, if not harder than I do around the house adn at work.  He's a good man and I love him dearly. Besides, in all acutality it doesn't really matter. It's not hurting me (except maybe my selfishness in wanting to just sit and relax also). 

Or does it really matter that someone has a job that I may not agree with?  No, it doesn't. I really don't need to worry about what THEY are doing. I need to concentrate on ME and what I SHOULD BE DOING!  So what if they really don't do their job to my satisfaction. I'm not their supervisor. I'm not the boss.  They have to answer for their own actions, I don't.  So stop getting all upset about it and worry about yourself.

The Lord wants us to show others HIS kind of love.  Would I be showing my dear husband the love that Jesus wants me to show him if I complained about the laundry or dishes?  Not really.  I need to ask myself "In 5 years, will this really matter?"

So if I am called to love others like Jesus has loved them, then I need to stop complaining, stop gossiping, stop the bickering, the backhandedness, stop the back talking, the griping and just uglyness that exists when I do not love. 

Monday, August 19, 2013


The last 8 weeks, Good Morning Girls has been studying the book "Anything" by Jennie Allen.  I was a bit skeptical of doing a "book" study because I've been thoroughly enjoying going verse by verse through different books of the Bible.  But, our fearless leader of Good Morning Girls has read the book and challenged us, her group leaders to do the same and do the study.  Wow what a challenge!

The one thing that hit me the most in the book was the fact that God can take something that to us seems "bad" and make good out of it. Wow. I look back over my life and I know this to be true but it's still something difficult to grasp for the future.

A lot of people would like for you to believe that when you become a Christian life is all roses and candy. It's NOT.  Living a life following Christ can be lonely. Especially in this world we live in now. Sin, temptation, trying to keep your testimony and show others the love of Christ can prove difficult.  When we live for Christ, the evil one gets mad. That's when the attacks come. That's when the skepticism comes in our friends. When we are under attack from the evil one, life isn't easy. It is hard. VERY HARD. 

I once had a preacher tell me that if you think you are living for Christ and aren't under attack then you are mistaken. 

I'm really looking forward to the next study, picking up in Luke 17.  I know the attacks are coming.  But my God is much bigger than that!  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to send Your Son to die for me. Thank you for forgiving me even when I'm not acting like you want me to act.  And thank you for the family that I have been blessed with...all of them!