Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIVA 1/2 MARATHON, North Myrtle Beach, April 28, 2013 Race Recap

First of all, let me say I DID NOT prepare properly for this race.  I didn't put in the mileage. I didn't really train much at all for it so going into the race, I KNEW I wasn't going to PR.  But I also knew I could finish it and that I could spend a few hours listening to my music and praying while running and walking.

So the night before the race, we (husband, son and I) went to the Expo, Broadway on the Beach and Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Luckily we got the LAST plates of pasta they had. (Lots of runners there I suppose).  Back at the hotel, I went down to get ice cream for hubs and LJ and water for me and ran into three girls who were running the race also.  They offered to take me to the race the next morning. I accepted (That way LJ and Hubs wouldn't have to get up so early).

I "went to bed" at a decent hour but well, lets just say I forgot my ear plugs.  So I didn't get much sleep.  Got up at 5am, showered (I know, strange to shower before a race but it wakes me up).  Ate my typical 1/2 bagel with Peanut Butter and a banana.  Got downstairs at 5:40.  I was supposed to meet the ladies at 5:45....

5:45 - no ladies

5:50 - no ladies

5:55 - no, I'm going to have to wake up hubs.

6:00 - Brazenly asked a couple other ladies if I could ride with them to the race. And off we went. (NOTE: as we were walking out the door the other ladies showed up...doh).

6:15 - Parked at someone's house and walked to the starting line. Talked a little, went to the bathroom.  Did some more talking and stretching.

6:55 - Heard someone singing and then WAY too late in the song realized it was someone singing the National Anthem.  ACK! I HATE that I wasn't at attention with my hand over my heart but for the last 10 seconds of the song.  THAT burns me up that I didn't know.  What also bothers me is I was surrounded by people who were talking also who didn't realize they were playing the National Anthem.

7:00 - Race starts

7:04 - I cross the starting line.  Not feeling good about this race.  Mentally I am already defeated and this is just the beginning but hey, have to make it count so let's go!

Mile 1 - Okay, this isn't so bad.  I'm running at least and not my slowest but not my fastest either. But mentally I'm still complaining.

Mile 2 - Hum.  Isn't that the lady I was talking to by the porta potties?  Sure is...lets run with her a while.  Hi, I'm Jesse. 'Hi, I'm Katie".  Katie is from Hartsville SC and is training to run the Darlington FULL Marathon(she tried to talk me into doing it also).  We talked a bit so I started walking/running with her.  Three minutes run (at a good pace...close to 11min mile) and two walking.

Mile 3 - Still with Katie. Things aren't so bad right now. Love having someone to run with and talk to.  NEVER thought I would say that.

Mile 4 - Still hanging with Katie (I THINK her last name is Legg).  Things are okay. We are maintaining a 13:30 mile between walking and running.

Mile 5 - Still hanging with Katie although I'm getting tired.

Mile 6 - Okay, at mile six we are at 1hr 22 min...not bad!  WE are doing good.

Mile 7 - Split from Katie...started walking.

Mile 7.5 - Okay, I'm running again.  SLOW but I'm running. Just passed Katie. 

Mile 8 - Ouch that little hill hurt.  But hey, I'm at mile 8...this isn't too bad. Thank you Lord for getting me this far.

Mile 9 - Out on 17...I HATE this part of the race.  Katie just passed me.

Mile 10 - Okay, another hill in the neighborhood...that one hurts also. But Hey, I'm at mile 10!  Three to go! Lord, help me.  Help me to concentrate on the race and finishing. Oh wait, I love this song. SHACKLES by Mary Mary!!

Mile 11 - Oh I can do this...let's run again. I feel good, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Mile 12 - Okay, maybe legs are HURTING!

Mile 12.5 - Nice talking to the girl who is a trainer who had 9 girls running.  I'm beat though. Where is that finish line?  Almost time for Boa's and Tiara's.

Mile 13 - I SEE JON AND LJ!!! MY MEN!  Kisses to LJ and he and Daddy take off running with me!  I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Turn the corner, LOTS of spectators cheering, Husband and son running outside the fencing with me...I LOVE IT!

Mile 13.1 - I AM DONE.  3 Hours 17 Minutes 27 Seconds.  I know it's not my best but I am DONE!  Hey, there's those hot men who are giving out medals and THEY DO NOT HAVE SHIRTS ON!  One of them puts my medal around my neck...DAG that thing is heavy!  So I had to ask "Are you going to carry me from here out?"  The hot fireman laughed and said "Sure"....what a doll!

I went through the gates, got my water, my rose, a banana, an apple, some cookies and skipped the picture line (hey, I do not want a pic this thanks).

Met back up with the two of the loves of my hubs and my son.  Only thing missing was the daughter taking pictures. Wish she could have been there. 

Now, there were a lot of things that happened that day that I didn't know about.  LJ got separated from Daddy and both were hysterical.  Thankfully LJ found a lady who had run the race and asked her to help him find his daddy. He was crying.  The wonderful lady took him to the race officials followed pretty quickly by Daddy.  PRAISE GOD LJ WAS OK! 

Back to the hotel for a shower and then Jon took us to the Broadway on the Beach and had us walk the mile and a half loop around it. Yes, I was beat, Yes I was hurting but Yes, I needed to walk it out.  We left there, stopped at Wendy's for my double cheeseburger with catsup, drove two hours home and then at 8pm we made homemade caramel popcorn.

All in all it was a good day. I was mentally defeated at the beginning and more than once I wanted to quit but quickly was reprimanded by my own self for thinking that and I kept going.

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