Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Why did some sicko have to set five bombs to detonate at the Boston Marathon?  Why?

Now, I've never had it as a goal to run the Boston Marathon (or any marathon since I'm only 1/2 crazy) but I have a lot of friends who have either run it, qualified for it or want to run it someday.  I know at least 4 people who were running on Monday. Thankfully they are all safe however, that doesn't change that there are people who aren't safe and people who won't feel safe running events in the future.  And that is sad!!!  I have a 1/2 Marathon in less than 2 weeks and don't you think I am now concerned! I am!  I'm concerned some sick evil individual is going to try to kill people there. But that will NOT stop me from running. 

I think of the little boy who is now dead because some evil person blew up a bomb next to him.  And his little sister who lost a limb and mother who is in critical condition.  And his daddy who is trying to hold it all together while also mourning.  THAT IS WRONG!!  PLAIN AND SIMPLE WRONG!

Our world definitely needs to find their way back to the Lord.  In HIM is peace.

For those who say the next Boston Marathon should be cancelled, I say NO WAY! It SHOULD be run.  And run gloriously.  If we start cancelling things because wacko's hate us and want to kill us, then THEY WIN.  We are Americans.  We do NOT back down.  EVER!

In the coming days there will be people blaming others, calling for more security, calling for many different things that may or may not be logical. What our leaders REALLY need to be doing is calling for us to get on our knees and pray.  Pray. Pray. PRAY.

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