Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Kind of Life

To say my life has changed dramatically over the last year would be an understatement.

My husband has a new job which requires travel.

My step-daughter is away at college.

My son is in Kindergarten.

My travel for work has been cut exponentially.

Now, these may not seem like big changes. But when you are accustomed to a way of life, and having people always around you (and you being the only one in the marriage who routinely travels) it is a big change when these four combine.

Take for instance the last three months.  Hubs has been gone on 2-week trips on more than one occasion and this is different for me.  Only having one other person to take care of makes my evenings different.  I only have to cook for 2(and yeah right, like I "cook" on those nights). I only have to do laundry for 2. I actually can sit down and watch TV(albeit since little guy is usually in my LAP I have to watch SPONGEBOB). 


I MISS my chaotic life(sorta).

I MISS having people always calling my name, asking for things(sometimes).  Even when it's just the three of us (plus the dog) it's not the same.  That same chaos isn't there anymore.  At least, its not AS chaotic.

I also miss my ability to just go for a myself. I mean, I can't just leave the 6 year old home alone. I might come back to either no home, a yard full of police officers or a fatter dog, or all three.

So LJ and I have started taking our dog Molly on LONG walks.  And on short bike rides with her running beside us.

Only one problem with that...I am supposed to be training for the DIVA 1/2 Marathon (in three weeks - April 28) and instead I'm going on long walks and short bike rides with my son and dog. But I find I'm enjoying this...I really am enjoying it but I need SOME running involved.

Okay, so I COULD have trained more and ran more when hubs is home. I was just a bit on the lazy side too...

I have to believe and trust that I will be okay for the 1/2 Marathon and will at least cross the finish line in the allotted time and get my medal(LOL).  I won't be setting any PR's but I will be getting a lot of Mother/Son bonding time in...and maybe drop a few pounds off the dog(and myself). 

Maybe, just maybe this is God's way of slowing me down (temporarily) and giving me a chance to "smell the roses"(or whatever flower LJ decides to pick for me, just have to watch for the bee's). 

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