Monday, April 8, 2013

Choices, Choices, Choices

The sermon was on Choices. We had a guest speaker at our church this Sunday. Bro. Ted Wright, who is the pastor for the Brazillian services held at our church was speaking on Choices.  Now, mind you, our pastor is going to start a series on Choices next week but this week, our guest speaker is speaking on Choices.

How appropriate!

Have you ever sat in church and REALLY thought the preacher was talking to YOU!  Like he must have had a wire tap on you and known what you REALLY needed to hear?  Well, if there ever was a case, Sunday April 7, 2013 at Crowfield Baptist Church is evidence that God speaks to us when we need to hear!

So CHOICES!  What is this all about? Well, God created us right?  Okay, so when Eve CHOSE to eat of the fruit in the midst of the garden, thereby disobeying what God told her to NOT eat, she CHOSE to sin. See, God gave her free will.  Adam CHOSE to sin by eating of the apple also.

David CHOSE to sin with Bathsheeba.  Now, lets stop right there. Wasn't David,  THE King David mightily used by God? Wasn't he the one who slew the giant with just a stone?  Wasn't he the King of the Israelites?  Sure he was. 

But he sinned? 


But God still forgave him and used him? 


So if we CHOOSE to go against our beliefs, can God still use us?  Sure He can. Sure He will.  See, God chooses to use people.  He uses people who aren't perfect (cause really, only one person ever walked this earth who was perfect and that was Jesus).

So now, here we are in 2013 and we have many choices before us.  What songs to put on our mp3 player of our choice, what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, who to hang out with, what pictures to like on facebook, whether we want to work out or not.  All of these things that we choose EVERY DAY.  Some of these choices we may not even realize we are making them when we do make them.

For example, do I hit the snooze?  Do I get up? Do I wash the dishes now or later? Do I go work out now or suffer the consequenses later when I'm in a race and paying the price for not being prepared (um, uh-oh, DIVA 1/2 coming up and I am NOT prepared...and that is no ones fault but MINE).

Each of these things are choices. 

Twelve years ago I married a man who had a daughter.  I CHOSE to love her.  A lot of step-parents have a hard time loving their step-children as their own but I was blessed with an example in my mother and step-father loving each of us like we were their own.  I CHOSE at that point to love her like my own child.  I didn't HAVE to, I CHOSE to.  Do I regret that choice?  NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!  Have I been perfect in raising her? parent is perfect. But have I raised her and our son in a way that I feel is the best?  Yes.

Forty-three years ago a young woman chose to give me up for adoption and another young lady chose to take me as her child and love me, nurture me and guide me as a child. Was she always right?  No.  Was she a perfect mom?  No.  Did she love me and raise me the best she knew how? YES.  Do I think she did a good job with us?  YES.  Do I love that lady? MOST DEFINITELY.  And that's what I've tried to do with my kids. I'm not perfect and my kids aren't perfect either.  But I've chosen the path I am taking for my life and I will never regret it.

You see, 2000 years ago a man chose to love me enough to die for me. And I choose to follow THAT man.  See, Jesus paid the price for our sin. Jesus did His Father's will, not His own. Did Jesus WANT to die on the cross? Probably not. Did Jesus know that at any point He could have come down off that cross? Sure He did. He is God's Son. He sacrificed himself for our sin.  So I CHOOSE to follow Him.

Thank you Bro. Ted Wright for the sermon yesterday. It's what I needed!  And I'm looking forward to hearing Pastor David's series.  But one thing, I do believe that playdoh girl was just a bit wider than the playdoh boy you made...At least that's what Elaine Henderson and I thought!  lol. 
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