Friday, March 1, 2013


Have you ever thought you were invisible?  Maybe not in the literal sense but just invisible to those around you?  To those who you love and care for?  I have to admit, sometimes I do feel invisible.  Sometimes I feel like those around me don't see the struggles, see the triumphs, see ME.  Oh, they notice when I'm NOT there.  But when I'm there, do they SEE me?

Now, I know they do.  But sometimes I think those around us just may not know WHAT to do when they see us struggle.  Maybe just maybe the desire for them to help is squashed by my desire to be independent.

No fear.  I know I have a God who loves me.  I have a Savior who died for me.  And I have the hope of eternal life thru Jesus Christ.  I have a family that I love and who loves me too.  I have friends, near and far who care and who I care about greatly.  Overall I am one blessed lady.  Besides, my dog loves me...

Random thought:  even when you feel invisible, know that you aren't. Someone loves you and is praying for you at this very moment. And most of all God is waiting for you to reach out and calm your heart.

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