Wednesday, May 2, 2012


WOW is about all I can say about the last few days.

First, my stepdaughter Janessa was accepted into Converse College and will be leaving home to swim for the Lady Valkyries come this fall.  WOW, so happy for her.  THAT was a big event in our life.

My running has been taken to another level.  I'm upping my mileage again this week.  My long run this weekend is supposed to be 9 miles.  ACK!  I KNOW I can do it and proved it to myself on Monday when I was running.  My good friend Katie gave me some awesome advice and I put it into use on Monday and didn't walk once during my Monday night training run.  THAT is huge for me.  Now I do need to make sure my music is set correctly cause there's nothing worse than a not so tempo song for a tempo run...ugh.  BUT, I know that Saturday morning at 6am, I'm going to head out and knock out 9 miles.  Okay, maybe it will be

I spoke with a dear old friend yesterday and that made my heart smile.  It's wonderful when you can talk to someone from your high school and college days and it's like time has stood still and you have only been apart for hours vice decades.

I also had a friend from my high school days post a very sweet post on my wall on facebook and really touched my heart.  Thank you Michelle!  Maybe someday we can get together and do a race just for fun.

My random thought for today:

Never be afraid to reach out to old friends and talk to them or simply say "Hello".  Don't let years go by and regret not popping in and saying hello.  You might just miss a blessing.
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