Friday, May 18, 2012


ACK!  Where did the time go.  I'm two days out from the DIVA 1/2 Marathon.  I've done some carb loading this week and am still hydrating. 

I did find out that a friend of mine from high school is running the 1/2 (go Tanya!) and that one of my former co-workers Natalie is running it (she says she's not prepared but WHATEVER!  She's a beast and will do just fine thank you).  I'm excited and WAS nervous until a girlfriend from work posted a saying on facebook about no fear.  Thanks Leslie!

So my goal for this 1/2 Marathon is NO WALKING!  I don't care how slow my pace gets, I WILL NOT WALK!  Now, I am hoping for a personal record and since this is only my second 1/2 Marathon that shouldn't be very difficult.  Honestly I would love to do under 3 hours (I know I know, some of you are saying WOW, THAT'S SLOW) but we shall see.  I'm loving it that my family will be there cheering me on. 

So my random thought for today is pretty simple and something I learned from exposure to some pretty great people:


I will be writing that on my arm in sharpie early Sunday morning as a reminder.
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