Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, I FINISHED!  Not only did I finish, but I finished 17 minutes faster than my first 1/2 Marathon.

So, my goals for this 1/2 Marathon were:
1. Get a Personal Record (PR)
2. Run all of it.
3. Finish in under 3 hours (would definitely be a PR).

Goal number 1.  Done!  I finished in 3:07:01.  That was almost 17 minutes faster than my last 1/2 Marathon.  I guess I can admit that one reason I finished faster was I didn't stop for a potty break (that was 8 minutes last time).  NOW, let me say this, on my Garmin it says my "moving time" was 3:02.15 so I'm not sure where those 5 minutes of not moving were unless it was the times I was going through water stations or something because I only remember stopping once and that was at a full water station.  Regardless, I am very pleased with meeting goal number 1!!!

Goal number 2: Run all of it.  Okay, I didn't hit this goal.  I ran the first 7 miles and then ran/walked the next three then walked the next 2 then ran/walked/ran the last 1.1 miles(with more running than walking).  I know that wasn't running all of it but hey, I've NEVER ran 7 miles straight before...EVER!  So although I didn't hit this goal (which was lofty for sure) I came pretty doggone close.

Goal number 3: Finish in under 3 hours. Okay, I was 7 minutes off but honestly, if I had hit goal 2 I would have hit this one too.

Am I upset I hit only 1 of my 3 goals?  NO WAY! NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  I'm VERY pleased with my race. I was about 1/4 mile from the finish when I spotted my husband and son (bright green shirt/bright orange shirts respectively) and got ALL kinds of choked up.(at that point I was running again).  When I got to them, I was in tears.  LJ slapped my hand giving me a high 5 and Jon said "keep going honey, you are almost there".  I turned the corner still running and saw Janessa....bring on more tears.  Then I saw the finish line. Now, I wasn't sure which of the strips on the ground were for the finish so I ran through all of them.  Pretty sure now the first one was the one.  Regardless, I then saw the "hunky firemen" standing there giving out medals. One particularly buff one didn't have a shirt on (wowzer)...even my husband said he was jealous of that guy.  I didn't get my medal from him...I picked the guy all the way to the right..he was cute too though.  Received my rose.  Water.  Then one of the "entourage" opened my water for me...THEN I saw my family again.  BRING ON MORE TEARS!  I was so emotional.  I had to really hold back the sobs.  I then made my way past the champagne (um, no thanks...not a fan and I'm pretty sure at that point I would have passed out if ANY alcohol would have entered my body).  Had my pic taken and then picked up some fruit, bagel and vitamin water and joined my family.  Overall, it was an AWESOME experience and I'm very very very pleased with how I did.

So, my next goal is to run the whole 1/2 marathon and finish under 3 hours.  But first, I am going to just keep running, lose about 40lbs and THEN pick out my next 1/2 Marathon...and I'm thinking that the Diva 1/2 in North Myrtle Beach will be a good one to do again.  I like the course. I like the fact that it's mostly women.  And the medal is pretty awesome too.  Most of all, I just like finishing!

Random Thought for today:
Even if you don't hit your goals the first time, be proud of your accomplishment in getting out there and just keep trying.

As John J. Bingham says: "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the Courage to Start". 

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