Friday, May 25, 2012


Okay, so you all have already read that I did that 1/2 Marathon last Sunday. I know, you are tired of hearing about it but hey, I'm pretty happy about it.  Today is my ultimate de-stress day.  Typically I don't get a massage on Fridays but I scheduled this post-race massage for 5 days "post-race".  Why?  Well, originally the girl I see doesn't work until Friday and I didn't have time to do it the day of the race.  Good thing. If she had worked earlier this week, I think the massage would have been painful since my quads were killing me for a few days. SO, this afternoon, I go and get a nice massage to help relax those muscles. 

So what are your plans for Memorial Day weekend. Please remember the reason for the day. It's not to begin the summer!  It is for remembering those who have given their life in service of their country. Our brave Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and Airmen (yes, I put them in order of precedence...the order the flags go in when the Service Flags are presented!). Thank you to all those who have given their life for our Freedom!

Random thought for today:
Thank a Service-member whenever you see them.  Thank them for their service. It means a lot to them to know that people appreciate the sacrifice it takes to write a blank check to The United States of America, up to and including their life!
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