Monday, April 30, 2012


Let Go and Let God.

Wow, that is easier said than done.

Letting Go and Letting God...what happens when we stop listening to our little voice in our head and start relying on God?  Let me tell you:  I did an 8 mile run this weekend...well, okay, I ran a bit over 6 of the 8 miles and walked some.  But a very wise lady told me the secret to long distance's mental.  Her husband who is a very wise United States Marine told her to ask herself two things:  Can I breathe?  Am I hurting anywhere?  He was right, it is mental (thank you Dave and guys are awesome).  So although I didn't read her post on facebook until after the run on Saturday, I was thinking the same is mental. When I wanted to walk I kept thinking "why am I walking, I'm okay".  I made it a LOT further than I thought I ever would.  It's all mental!!!

So is worrying.  IT IS MENTAL!  When we worry about things in our lives, we are letting our mind control us.  Why not let go and let God do his work?  In the Bible it says if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we could move a mountain.  WOW!  So why do we worry about things?  If we are truly putting our trust in God then we shouldn't worry about tomorrow.  I know its difficult sometimes to hand things over to God but if we think about it this way it may be easier:

If God can create the world and all the things in it in 6 days, why can't I let him take care of my needs and desires?  Why should I worry? I know I can trust God to do what's best for me and what is in HIS PERFECT will for my life!!!
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