Monday, April 23, 2012


Jon and I watched the movie!  That was an incredible movie.  LJ fell asleep in my arms during the movie which was just sweet.  He is growing up so fast.  But before he went to sleep he asked me if I would cry if he died.  Oh GOOD-NESS.  Of course I would.  Then he said "But Mommy, I would be with Jesus so you should be happy".  Oh my little guy is such a sweet kid. He's right, I have the comfort of knowing that he would be with Jesus but I would still cry.

Jon and I enjoyed the movie.  VERY touching.

Thank God I'm a Country Girl:  Okay, so a lot of you may not know it, but I did grow up on a farm...sort of.  My daddy had a farm and I would go see him every other weekend growing up. So since my wonderful cousin Michelle lived next door, we did a lot of stuff on the farm. Yes, I fed chickens, we had pigs, we planted corn, stripped tobacco, weeded tobacco fields, had some guineas and turkeys that were a pain.  AND most of all, we spent an incredible amount of time in the woods.  And what happens when you are in the woods a lot?  You get ticks.  Now I HATE ticks.  HATE HATE HATE HATE THEM!  Fast forward 30 years and my wonderful husband and I decide to take Molly for a walk.  Jon was wanting to look for blackberries (he knows I love them) so we went traveling down a drainage easement in the woods to see if we could find any.  Nice walk. At least that's what I thought.

Then Sunday after church Janessa asks me what that black thing is on my shoulder (granted I had no clue).  Jon comes over to check it out and was about to tell me I needed to go to the doctor to get that growth checked out...when he starts singing the Brad Paisley song about checking you for ticks.  I had a tick...on my shoulder.  GREAT!  FREAKED ME OUT!  It took a few minutes to get that little sucker to release (and it luckily was just a little tiny one) but still, I"m STILL itching and freaking out almost a day later.  But even though I STILL consider myself a country girl, I will NEVER grow accustomed to ticks. Give me skunks and snakes any day.  Make me feed the pigs, collect eggs, run from turkeys, I don't care...but keep the ticks away from me!!!

So my random thought for today:

Be courageous in all you do. Stand up for what is right. Comfort those who need comforting.  Hug those who need hugging and never forget where you came from.

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