Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay, this one was difficult to write.


How many of us women suffer from bitterness on occasion?

I know that I can sometimes feel it creeping up on me.  And it is NOT a pleasant feeling.

However, one thing I do know is that when bitterness comes creeping into my heart, it's NOT of God. Therefore if it is NOT OF GOD, then it is from Satan and I am going to fight & refuse to let it into my heart.

The sermon at our church last Sunday was about God letting trials happen to those He has chosen.  IF I am doing what God wants me to do then the devil gets mighty upset.  I truly believe that bitterness is from the devil and is in direct result of us doing what God wants us to do.  Satan's plan is to derail us at every turn.

So what can we do about it?  Think about these questions:

1. Why am I getting bitter?

2. What is causing me to feel this way.  Is there an overabundance of "ME" and "I" answers to those questions?  If so, maybe this is a bit on the self centered side????  (OH YEAH!)

3. If we are getting bitter because of something our spouse is or is not doing then how serious is it really?  In the grand scheme of things is this major???  Or is it merely because things just aren't what "WE" want them to be?  I know for a fact I am guilty of this.  For example, the other day,  "I" asked my husband to take our son to the gym with him so "I" could run in our neighborhood and he didn't have a problem with that.but then he called me during lunch the next day and changed the plans which made "ME" change "MY" plans because "I" didn't want "MY" son to stay at daycare too long.  Now, the first part was okay...but did you notice the second part of my reaction to my husband...completely self centered!!!

Notice all the "I" and "ME" statements there?  Was this a big deal?  In the grand scheme of things: NO.  BUT "I" was being petty.  "I" was inconvenienced. "I" was stewing over something that happened a couple days prior (which really wasn't a big deal either if I really think about it) and now "I" was getting bitter towards the man I love.  WRONG!!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!

"I" was designed by GOD to be my husbands helpmate.  "I" am supposed to support him.  "I" was made to love him not get bitter about things he does.  "I" am WRONG! So "I" have to change my attitude about it.  "I" am responsible for "MY" own feelings and it's WRONG for me to get bitter.

So what did I do?  I expressed my frustrations with my  wonderful husband and things are better now.  He understands my frustrations and the situation is over.  But I know that I will be fighting this because it's the way the devil wants it.  Satan doesn't want me to show love and kindness and patience to my dear husband.  But God does and that's who I am going to follow.
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