Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My little Sister

Okay, I can't call her my "little sister" really, cause she's not little anymore. Well, she IS little physically but that's because she works out like a mad dog! That lady is in awesome shape. Gets that from Mom. Anyway, why am I writing about her? Well, I just want to say how beautiful she is and how wonderful she is.

This is the girl who was a popular cheerleader in High School but didn't go the stuck up snob ways of the "normal" cheerleaders. She dated the basketball star even though he was two years younger than her (and they are still together today) and married her "high school" sweetheart. She's smart, beautiful, sweet, funny, a blast to be around and I miss her terribly. I wish she lived closer.

She has two beautiful daughters who have their Aunt Jesse's heart in their hands. Her husband is one of the nicest and smartest men I have ever met. They are just an all around beautiful family.

But why am I writing about her? Because I love her and miss her and want anyone who reads this to know just how special she is to me. I left her when she was 14 to join the Navy. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. We did everything together. I took her to the movies, took her to eat when I had time off. Joining the military took me away from her and I regret that I had to do that. But that put me where I am today and for that I am thankful. I still have the world's greatest sis. And there is no one on earth who can say that I don't!!!
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