Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary! / She's Coming!

First off, today is Mom and my anniversary...the day that she picked me up from the adoption agency. I was 16 days old and a very tiny 5lbs. She called me this morning to wish me Happy Anniversary. I thank the Lord that He blessed me with an amazing mother who also gave me a wonderful and thoughtful sister and a hoot of a brother!

My MIL is coming in today. Of course, CC took the day off to go shrimping and has the big vehicle and I have the little two seater truck. He's picking up his mom and then going shrimping TONIGHT. Why tonight and not today? Oh, has something to do with tides and such. I don't care. Get me some FRESH shrimp buddy! Time to pull out the old stuff and cook it before it goes bad.

So DD jumps into bed with LJ today. He says "NO". He's a little possessive fellow these days. He won't let Molly upstairs. He is very independent and won't let ANYONE do ANYTHING for him let alone help him. But when "A-tha" got into bed with him I noticed something on her hand...her "friend's" class ring. OH I am so not ready for this. I don't know what these two are thinking. She's not allowed to go out on dates. I mean, come on. Oh well, it IS a new way for me to get her to do what she is supposed to do....hit her where it hurts the most when she doesn't obey the rules.

CC is so wonderful. I tell you, this man is amazing. He and I worked all day on Saturday (mostly him, not so much me) on the bedroom. Then Sunday when I was sick, he took care of LJ and got DD to church. Then he did a really nice tune-up on the Tahoe and worked some on the Jeep. Last night he worked a LOT on the Jeep. I have the most wonderful husband in the world. He just amazes me. Of course, all that work made for a man who was sleeping very deep last night (as in SNORING). That's okay though, I was too due to congestion.

I'm just so blessed to have a family that loves me.
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