Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Observations of a child.

We all observe things every day right? Some of us are more perceptive than others but we all see things that others might miss at some point or another.

Well, my little LJ is extremely observant. When hubs lost a hubcap off his truck, the next morning my then 18 month old went to the wheel and pointed at it and said "Daddy?". He KNEW something was missing. When mommy puts her hair up he notices immediately and lets me know that he prefers it down by trying to take out my hair clips.

Monday morning my neighbor decided to put a Jeff Gordon "24" sticker on my husbands tailgate. It was on the drivers side of the tailgate. She did this at 4am so there is no chance LJ saw her do it (yes, the woman gets up at 4am on a REGULAR basis...she's crazy if you ask me! but says it's the only time she has the house to herself...so maybe she's smart!). Anyway, I knew about this trick. I agreed to it cause these two love to hassle each other. She asked if I thought CC would notice. I said there was no way he would notice. He didn't notice the big car sitting at the end of our driveway across the street one morning when he backed out and hit it. If he couldn't see that, he's not going to notice a magnet on his truck.

Fast forward to Monday morning; 6:45am. Just almost twilight outside. Some light but not daylight yet. hubs walks around the back of "my" tahoe (he says it's mine but it is in HIS name) and then to his truck passenger side. LJ stops at the back of my truck and points to daddy's truck and says in his 6:45am-23-month-old-almost-decipherable voice "What's that?". Jon of course wants to go. I stop and start laughing not believing that my almost 2 year old son is observant enough to notice the magnet and my 40 something old husband - who is driving him to school - hasn't noticed it. Yes, men stop paying attention at some point in life which scares me to death now. Husband saw it and laughed. Said "good boy" to LJ and is plotting revenge.

Leave it to a 23 month old to ruin a good prank. I swear that magnet would have stayed there for a few weeks before my husband noticed it.
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