Friday, August 1, 2008

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Okay, so I don't feel pretty actually...but I do feel optimistic (thanks to AK). Why you say? Well, I have a pretty full weekend and I know it will all be fun. DD's birthday is today. She's wiped out already from swim practice and has more this afternoon. We are having pizza, cake and ice cream for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is swim lesson for LJ. Sunday is church, birthday party for a little friend of LJ's and LJ's last swim lesson for this season.

Busy much? Yes. But I love it.

Plus I start my first Master's course on Monday. Life will be busy for me but I know that it will all work out for good.

Random thought: Along AK's theme, you can view your glass as half empty or half full. Which one makes you feel better?
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