Friday, August 15, 2008



My brother just called me and offered us 4 tickets to Bristol next weekend. ARGH. We can't go because DD has a swim meet. AAARRRGGGHHHHH.

Such is the life of a parent I guess.

So last night we were doing the bath thing. LJ just loves the water. Mommy does too. BUT, and I mean there is a big but here (no, I'm not talking about MY butt) Mommy does NOT like having to clean up gallons of water off the floor cause LJ decides he wants to throw water everywhere.

If you are happy and you know it blow some bubbles (that's how I get him to blow bubbles in the tub practicing for swimming).

Can you tell I'm totally random today?

So my random thought is, well, I'm just random today...mind is everywhere.

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