Monday, April 7, 2008

You look well fed!

Yes, DD actually said that to me one night. I could not believe it. We had just finished a nice dinner at home (that I cooked) and we were doing our nightly routine of giving little man a bath and cleaning up after dinner when DD tells me that I look "well fed".

Now, the girl isn't a farm girl so she couldn't POSSIBLY know that that phrase is reserved for cows or pigs(dripping with some sarcasm there). She's a city girl for the most part. She grew up in a suburb for the most part. She has only been on a farm a couple times in her life...and certainly didn't grow up on one like I did. And I have to remember that this girl IS only 13. Certainly she didn't mean to hurt my feelings and call me fat? Or did she? Either way she'll give her favorite reply of "I didn't know that" or some version of that phrase.

Anyway, my DH was standing there and just had this look of total shock combined with "boy are you going to get it now" look on his face (even though He grew up in a city, he KNOWS what that phrase means).

So, I proceeded to ask her "And what do you mean by that?" Of course she "said" that I look like I had a nice dinner and was "satisfied" (NOTE: I have learned thru WW that I need only eat until I am satisfied, not full and I've been telling her that for a long time not even thinking that it was sinking into her hormone laden brain but I guess she may have heard that part). Regardless, she used the words to say what I think she wanted me to hear...but I'm not sure yet.

So, I asked "Do you not know that cows and pigs are referred to as "well fed" when they are taken to market or for sale? That people refer to these animals as "well fed" when they have a good bit of "meat" on them...i.e. they are fat??? She said she didn't know that. Yeah right...or maybe she didn't. I don't know. What I DO know is that she won't be telling me that I look "Well fed" anytime soon.
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