Monday, April 14, 2008

What to do with little boys?

You all know that I love my LJ to pieces, right?

Well, this weekend was just so much fun but so scary at the same time. We went to "The House of Bounce" for a birthday party for a friend. It is a place that has all these inflatable things for kids to slide down, bounce in, play on, etc... It's a fun place. Parents MUST sign a injury waiver on the way in. THAT should be a clue right there.

LJ goes down the BIG slide with his sister. He LOVES it. So Mommy takes him back up it. We get to the top, round the corner and before I can grab him, he JUMPS. The gasps from those watching (which included dear ole Daddy and a few other moms, grandma's and grandpa's) was loud. Mommy herself almost fell out after him. He bounces two times and then slides the rest of the way down. All of us were expecting tears. Nope. My little trooper got up giggling and laughing and headed back UP the ladder to do it again.

This little guy must have went down the slide 30 times. He has NO fear. I think I need to start a savings account for the co-pay for emergency room visits.

After all was said and done, we get home and I fully expect him to pass out. Nope, little guy is up until 9pm....almost 2 hours late. So then I think (foolishly) that he'll sleep in? Nope, up at 6am calling for me.

One nice thing though, he has started calling me "Mama" occasionally now...which just melts my heart.

Random thought: Why is it boys have NO fear? Why can't I have that kind of faith in all that I do? Why can't I believe that the Lord will always be there to protect me and kiss my hurts away? I know that is why the Bible says we have to become like children and have that Child-like faith. I'm so glad I have my little man to remind me of that faith.
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