Friday, April 4, 2008

My first blog

Well, as you can see, this is my first blog. I was inspired by two of my Weight Watchers NASCAR fan girlfriends blogs...Erin and AK. I love random thoughts. I love random acts of kindness and thought I could post the thoughts here.

As you all probably know, I am on Weight Watchers. I've been on a board for almost 4 years now...the NASCAR Winners Board. This group of ladies is amazing. We are all NASCAR fans and try to meet up at races if we can. I have only met one of the ladies so far (HI CUDA) and she's a scream. I would love to meet all of them. These ladies are so special though. To tell you just HOW special they are, when I was pregnant with LJ, and I had Pre-Eclampsia and disappeared from the board the morning of Sept 18th, they, knowing I was on bedrest and SHOULD be posting, called every hospital in my hometown looking for me. One of them found my Mary Kay website and got my information so she could contact me. There were over 200 posts on the 18th, 19th and 20th until they found out I had my baby. The outpouring of love and caring from these ladies is so special. Of course, after that, we all switched phone numbers and whoever is pregnant MUST NOT disappear without telling us where she is going else one of us will come hunt her down and make SURE she is okay. LOL.

So DD just called, and she wants Pizza. Um honey, it's 2pm and I am not going to get off work until 4pm. So I end up ordering her pizza and paying for it over the phone (this kid is lucky). She's off school today for a teacher work day...must be nice. I had been having a great day...went to get an AMAZING massage (it really should be against the rules to return to work after a massage). and then back here for a few hours of work.

Just as I am getting off the phone with the "Pizza guy", I get a "read" receipt from an email that I sent out earlier today. Uh oh, I bet there is a message waiting in my voicemail inbox. Sure nuff, there is a message and it's from the "man" that was on the phone with another "man" in our organization who chewed me out last week for failing to do my job when they took away all the tools to do my job. Kinda like saying "Make a chocolate cake" but not allowing you to use CHOCOLATE!!! IMPOSSIBLE!

Do I call him back or pretend I didn't get the message? Oh well, I'm not good at lying so I call him back. I just got off the phone with the man who "listened quietly" last week during the behind chewing...yes, it was pleasant. If I could only have lost the amount of weight literally that I thought I had lost in the verbal tirade from the possessed being on the other end of the line I would be one thin woman! That said, Quiet Guy just back pedaled on the whole thing...I was just told how very important I am to the mission of what we are doing and to keep up the good work. WHAT? Oh my goodness. So you are now afraid that since you have bit off more than you can chew that you now NEED my help? I guess I'm just too nice. What I do is just too important to let some bozo with no guts fail at a job that I know is more important.

So my random thought is, why is it that when you are wronged by a man, they are unable to apologize? I mean, it's not that difficult and earns you major points from the women involved. I would have more respect for a man if he can apologize than if he doesn't and just tries to act like nothing is wrong. THOSE kind of people, you know, the ones that can't apologize, scare me.
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