Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It is so loud in here.

When I was first pregnant with LJ, I went to my sisters house. I was shocked at how quiet it had to be in order for her daughter to sleep. I had to watch the Darlington race with the TV on volume level 1....I couldn't hear a thing! My DN is the lightest sleeper and was not accustomed to noise at that point in her life. I knew right there that this would never work in my jungle, um I mean house.

Well, knowing my husbands love of surround sound (i.e. if the house isn't shaking it's not loud enough), I knew that would never fly with a new baby. Add to it my DD only has one level of volume on her mouth and that is LOUD. I mean I came home one day to find a HUGE scratch on my hardwood floor....when I asked CC what happened, he said the speaker fell off the mount on the wall....of course, the only reason it would fall is if the surround sound was on TOO LOUD!!!! I should have known at that point.

So at the hospital I made sure that there was always noise around after he was born. The TV was always on, we didn't talk in hushed was normal conversation.

Now, fast forward a month and in the fog of new mommy-hood, I decide I need to clean house. I start vacuuming and vacuum UNDER LJ's swing...with him in it....sleeping....he doesn't stir a bit! Okay, so he's fine with noise. CC looks at me and starts laughing and said that he couldn't believe that LJ was still asleep after the vacuum was run under his swing. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself at this point.

A few days later I come home and I can FEEL the TV as I turn off the engine to my truck....CC is watching Star Wars...with the surround sound on....with LJ in the swing sleeping NEXT to the TV. Okay, so I admit, I did yell at CC a bit...I mean, some noise is okay, he needs to be somewhat immune to noice BUT we don't want the kid to be deaf and at this point I am beginning to wonder.

Now, 18 months later he's a pretty good sleeper and doesn't wake up due to noise MOST of the time (unless one of the dogs decides to announce that someone has passed our house without his/her permission).

Today's random thought: Babies are accustomed to noise. The womb is VERY noisy. No reason to make you house quiet but don't go too far, you do want the kid to be able to hear in the future.
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