Friday, April 25, 2008

Angels in our midst

Have you ever been visited by Angels? Would you recognize them?

A few months ago we had a guest speaker at our church talk about Angels in our Midst. I believe I've entertained an Angel before and yes, I am serious and no, I'm not on drugs.

I was stationed in Pensacola teaching at Corry Station. I lived across the street from the Navy Hospital. When I was working nights (4pm-1130pm) I would often go for a drive after work to relax a bit and calm down. It helped me to go to sleep faster. Often I would drive all the way down to Pensacola Beach, take a short walk on the "boardwalk" there to relax and then drive home. Usually I would be coming home about 1215 (depending on when we actually got off work).

Driving up Hwy 98 almost to the Navy Hospital I would often see a lady walking (like she was leaving work at the hospital). She was an older lady from what I could see, but not sure how old. She was always by herself. I always thought I should stop but it was a dark road and being trained in Sexual Assault Victim Intervention Advocacy, I was leary of stopping on a dark highway just after midnight. So I began praying about it. I didn't see her for a while because we switched from days to eves constantly but then one night I saw her from a distance. I said a quick prayer and something told me to go ahead and pull over and offer her a ride. So I did.

I turned off my lights, leaving only the parking lights on and pulled to the side of the road. As she approached I rolled down the passenger side window to ask if she wanted a ride. That is when I found out she was a deaf lady so couldn't hear. I am sure she was scared when I pulled over....I know I would have been. Luckily I do know a bit of sign language and I had some paper in my car. I signed and wrote asking if she wanted a ride. She accepted.

She commented on my radio station (a local Christian Station) and asked if I was a Christian. Of course, I said yes I am a Christian and in the dark began driving her home while trying to "talk" to her. She told me where to go (on paper) and I drove her the 3.5 miles home. It broke my heart to know that this lady walked over 4 miles home each night in the dark. I just can't immagine why someone wasn't able to help her. She told me her name and where in the Hospital she worked and that she had been praying that someone would pick her up because she was tired and no one there would take her home. I was so upset that my fellow shipmates wouldn't help this lady.

I told her that if I saw her again, I would gladly take her home. She smiled and nodded and got out of the car. I sat there for a second to make sure she got inside okay and then drove home. Thinking back, I never saw her go inside the house...she only went to the side of the house.

I never saw her again. I inquired with a friend of mine who was a L&D nurse at the hospital (she said she worked in the Nursery) about this lady. My friend never heard of her. As a matter of fact, there was no one at the Navy Hospital with that name (I did see her ID badge).

It makes me think...did I get her name wrong or did I really entertain an Angel that night? Either way, the memory of this lady will forever be with me. That night is one of my fondest memories. The 10 minute drive to her house will stay with me forever.
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